About Us

About Us


When realization strikes right in your face that is when the change occurs. Same goes when the idea of Samkhya Organic was dawned upon. ‘Samkhya’, as the name defines, is ‘Sankhya’-number. This concept is interwoven with the Samkhya Philosophy, the sixth school of Hindu Philosophy which propagates a dual perspective of universe in terms of ‘Purush’ (consciousness) and ‘Prakruti’ (matter). It further emphasizes upon the fact that the ‘gunas’ held by the ‘Purush’ transform and manipulate to manifest realities of ‘Prakriti’. And in all there are 24 realities or ‘Tattvas’. This most influential school of thought aims to see life in relation to its environment, and it is this realization which drives us at Samkhya.



We aim to illuminate the path towards to an enriching lifestyle by supporting organic farming. We strongly believe that for a healthy life, all we need is a healthy environment. And thus, we are actively engaged in supporting and promoting organic farming thereby, making it an integral part of life. By raising an organic community, we aim to further catalyze our organic drive, ensuring well-being and health of the society for years to come.


At Samkhya Foundation, we Educate, sensitize and demystify on issues of environment and industrial pollution; youth groups, women groups, NGOs and other people and to bring them together with organizations, academic institutions, experts and other people in the field of environment preservation and pollution control in India.

At Samkhya, each one us is committed to this long-term vision because, we all have the right to live healthy, don’t we?


  • To build a stable and sustainable organic community, integrating organic products in their daily lives
  • To support and aid farmers towards their sustainable operations
  • To offer a breeding platform to other growing sustainable enterprises and together ensure well-being of the community


To maintain peace and harmony in nature through conservation, recycling & rejuvenation of the bio-diverse ingredients available in abundance.

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